Synthesaurio is a audiovisual experimentation project by Pablo Gomez. A multi-instrumentalist from Mexico exploring art trough music and visual components.

Inspired by science fiction and natural landscapes. This project is all about live performance and exploring sounds in a semi improvised act.

Synthesaurio is a project with two parallel facets:

  • Synthesaurio:[Long Time] This is a mix of disco pop rock and latin rhythms that wants to make you groove to the music. Using a combination of sampled vintage synths and other instruments, the rhythms are repetitive and funky, with some latin spice, to set a mood candente in any dancefloor.

  • Synthesaurio:[Wide Space].In the second facet, synthesaurio takes a more ambient approach. Inspired by natural landscapes, synthesaurio plays long and sustained pads and drones with a mix of bells and FM-like synthesized leads for a much more relaxed and chill vibe. Great for audiovisual experiences and meditation and soundbaths.

You can find my music on all streaming plataforms including: Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Who is Pablo Gomez?

Hi I am Pablo Gomez I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Growing up I was always fascinated by science and nature. I have a career in Veterinary epidemiology and currently work as a researcher modeling the spread of animal and human diseases. Playing music has been always an important part of who I am and how I express my emotions.
Growing up I was always fascinated by science and nature and I find most of my inspiration for synthesaurio from there.
Although I currently have any formal training on arts, my day job gives me the opportunity to travel and learn about computer programming which is where my inspiration usually comes from. When composing music I often use generative processes, both in computer programming and eurorack, combined with field recordings I take on my travel and acoustic instruments.